Average Speed of Box-Cars

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Average Speed of Box-Cars This lab of the Box-cars recorded the average speed of a box-car going down a wooden plank that measured at 1.22 yards long was declined. The Box car started with a zero velocity and the boxcar was let go by one of the group members, then the object started to roll down the flat plank and it increased in speed and velocity, giving our group different speed times. II. Problem Hypothesis: If the boxcar was let go, its speed will gradually change, but also the way of rolling could raise the speed to a higher Velocity. Procedures: Gather up the following materials: 1 Blue cart, 1 wood plank, 1 stop watch and 1 meter stick. Next place the wooden plank on a hard cover book, so that is approximately 2.5 cm so that the way the plank extends onto the book. Important: Make sure that your checking the plank, it must remain in its position, because if you do the lab, the plank will move and its angle will change. Place the boxcar on the plank, and make sure that the center point of the car’s back wheel is on the top (back edge of the plank). And this will be the starting Point of each trial. Before you start your lab, Practice releasing the boxcar. Make sure the cart doesn’t fall backwards off the plank. So make sure that you are releasing the cart the same ways you released it the first time, is really IMPORTANT! Then use the Meter stick to measure the center distance of the back wheels to the front wheels. You must be capable to measure this detach to a 0.01 cm.(Record this measurement in data) Draw a plan of a boxcar in the reflection section and demonstrate how the measurement in procedure 5 was made. Make sure you have visual proof of what you did. Is really IMPORTANT! Calculate from the back edge of the plain plank to the front edge, using the meter stick.(Distance must measure 0.01) Next take stop watch

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