Motor Vehicle Accidents

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In modern America, teenagers have access to fresh food and water daily. Because of this, they are able to stay healthy and avoid an early death due to illness, which is popular among the older generations. Nobody, however, can call themselves safe from accidents. Accidents statistically are the number one cause for teenage deaths in America. The most common of accidents killing teenagers, motor vehicle accidents, are frequent accidents of which can ultimately be avoided. The standard definition of a motor vehicle accident is the collision of either one motor vehicle into a person/object or the collision of two or more motor vehicles into one another. This can obviously cause severe injury and even kill the ones involved. Even though it is widely understood that vehicle crashes are very serious, people continue to drive too reckless, too fast, and too intoxicated. This is unfortunate because there are the good drivers who are simply victims during the crash, as the other driver causes both to crash. Motor vehicle accidents are troublesome to everybody. Teenage drivers are at the greatest risk to die in motor vehicle crashes. Studies show that drivers ages 16-19 are four times more likely to crash their car. This is due to a number of reasons. One is that teenagers enjoy taking risks. They have overconfidence and are more likely than adults to engage in hazards such as speeding, running red lights, not wearing seat belts, driving while intoxicated, and overall fooling around while behind the wheel. Also, since they are young, they lack experience which includes detecting when something could become potentially harmful and not realizing how severe the consequences are when a crash does occur. In 2005 alone, 4544 teenagers ages 16-19 died of motor vehicle crashes. Even though they account for 10% of drivers, they account for 12% of all motor vehicle related deaths,

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