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My Three Bad Driving Habits Thousands of people are killed in car accidents every year. There are an assortment of reasons why; from driving drunk to even falling asleep at the wheel. The main reason that most people are killed in car accidents each year is because most people have very bad driving habits, and the main of these people are teenagers. Many teens believe themselves to be immortal, so they feel they can do anything and nothing will go wrong, or hurt them. The three worst habits teens have are road rage, poor grasp on safety, and multitasking. I, and many others I am sure, have at times been guilty of all three. Road rage is a growing problem with drivers of all ages. I know that we have all witnessed an irate driver. Anyone that drives has experienced road rage, whether they have the road rage or are being pursued by someone with road rage. However, most teens practice the bad habit of road rage, mainly because they want to be the best or faster driver. Besides tailgating, people express their anger on the road by yelling obscenities and giving inappropriate hand gestures. There have been several times I have shouted at the car in front of or next to me. My mother told me that she hates riding with me because I drive too aggressively. For example, if I am driving home from school and someone passes me even though I am going over the speed limit, I have to pass them; I have to be in the front of the pack of cars. This does not seem like road rage, but it is, I get upset if someone passes me. Also, if I am heading down 395, whether I am going the speed limit or not, and someone decides to cut in front of me when I am less than a hundred yards from them I do not instantly slam on my brakes. I will usually keep going my speed and tailgate that person until they decide to speed up or pull off the road and let me by, if they do neither of the two, I

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