Adults Deserve All Privileges

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In America, once a citizen turns 18 they are considered a legal adult. This gives them the right to purchase tobacco products, enlist in the army and register to vote. The one thing the United States citizen cannot do, at the age of 18, is to legally consume alcohol. America is one of the only developed nations whose drinking age is not 18. If the age was lowered, teenager’s lives could be saved. With adulthood many responsibilities and privileges come with the age. A person is a legal adult at age 18. This means people should be able to make their own decisions including the right to consume alcohol. According to, 80% of high school students admitted to at least trying a drink. About 50% report to having consumed alcohol in the last month. Giving all the more reason to lower the drinking age down to 18. In the United States, all 50 states have set their legal drinking age to 21. The average drinking age around the world is 15.9 years of age. According to, 69% of countries have a set drinking age between 18 and 19 years old. So now the question is why does the United States have such a high drinking age compared to most all other countries. Statistics show that many countries with the minimum drinking age of 18 have better drunk driving reports than the United States. In 2009, there were 10,389 fatalities in the United States alone due to drinking and driving. Lowering the drinking age could be beneficial for the United States in saving more lives. Teens tend to drink due to peer pressure. Peer pressure can then lead to drinking and driving. Since teens generally like to be sneaky if they have been doing illegal things, they try to hide being intoxicated. An example of this action would lead to drinking and driving from parties, which leads to fatalities. In most cases, these fatalities come from drunk driving.
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