Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Essay

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Essay Essay Option #2 (Making Connections): I believe that Jacob is a hero because in the beginning of the passage he was brave enough to go in the wood and find his grandfather. He didn’t give up or get to scared and just turn around go home. He searched through the woods to find clues into why and how his grandfather had died and who killed him. In the story Jacob has transferred from a boy to a young man. In the second chapter after his grandfather died he was broke down and sort of going crazy because he had lost his best friend. Then in the third and fourth chapter he transformed and went to the orphanage to find clues concerning his grandfather’s life. Another brave and heroic event was when he went to meet the headmistress. In the passage it says “They walk up the solid steps that lead to the porch. Emma and Millard want to take Jacob to meet the headmistress.” I think this is heroic because Jacob doesn’t know what to except as he waits to go in the meeting and he’s is very young. He’s only a teenage boy so for him to go and meet someone who he knows nothing about that’s brave and signs of a hero. I think the orphanage kind of look at Jacob as a hero because in the chapter 7 they put on a big show for him. In the passage it says “Everyone is happy to see Jacob. Once he sits down, the show begins. Several of the residents take turns going up on stage, showing off their skills. The show begins with Miss Peregrine, who changes her shape from a falcon to a human in front of the audience.” I think it like a welcoming Jacob to the orphanage and accepting him by showing him their talents. Jacob has a special heroic gift that separates himself from other people, the author says “After Emma tells Jacob that his grandfather’s peculiarity was that he could see the monsters; Jacob confesses that he, too, can see them”. The

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