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The Bells” by Anne Sexton In the poem “The Bells” by Anne Sexton, illustrates how an adult expresses their memories of going to the circus with their father. I believe this poem is about an outing to the circus with her father. In lines one through five I believe Anne describes how the circus poster was scabbing off the concrete wall, how the children may have forgotten about the poster, or even if they noticed its deteriorating condition at all. And for assurance of the occurred Anne asks her father do you remember? In this stanza I believe that Anne and her dad had gone to the circus so long ago; because of the current state of the circus poster. In lines six thru ten Anne describes what she remembered seeing at the circus with the Father. She talks about what she saw in the past tense, for example the “distant thump of the good elephants, the voice of the ancient lions, and how the bells trembled for the flying man.” This lets the audience know that this occurred a long time ago, when she was a child. In lines eleven through fifteen I could relate to how Anne felt about her Father. It reminded me of my fond memories with my Father as well. Anne expresses to her dad what she felt that day. She tells him how she was not scared of the circus performances nor the strangers, as he held her on his shoulders. In these lines one is able to relate to the love and protection the Father gave to his child. As she told her Father “I was not afraid, you held my hand.” Going to the circus is usually a fun experience for most children; especially if it is their first time. The children are so excited and ask many questions. In line sixteen Anne tells her dad how she remembers when he explained to her the danger of three rings. The reference to the "naughty clown" in line eight-teen is most likely a staff member that did not warn the audience of what was

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