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Million-Dollar Murray Malcolm Gladwell has many facts and opinions in the article, Million-Dollar Murray. He says a lot of things in this article to try to persuade the reader to think one way or the other. He clearly states what he is trying to persuade to the reader and then goes after it. The way he talks about homeless people, the L.A.P.D, and car emissions really hooks the reader to learn more about the topic he is talking about, which ultimately shows how he is persuasive. I believe Malcolm does a really good job in persuading the readers in this article. Gladwell definitely does a better job persuading the readers rather than not persuading them. He brings in a lot of credibility. When he talks about the homeless people he quotes the police officer who deals with them day in and day out. He knows what it is like to deal with homeless people, he is credible. The officer said “It cost us one million dollars not to do something about Murray.” Murray was a homeless guy that continued to get drunk and needing to go to the hospital. His medical bills ran up so high, and the taxpayers end up paying for all of this. So in the end they are going to treat Murray either way and he is going to continue to do bad things. If the…show more content…
He has facts throughout the article that help the reader understand more about the topic. These facts though are not cited or anything. The reader has no idea where these facts are coming from. The author could throw numbers and facts out that aren’t true so he can persuade the reader a certain way. For example Gladwell starts talking about the L.A.P.D and excessive force by the police officers. He starts saying numbers that may not be true because we do not know where they came from. He says large numbers that make it sound like the L.A.P.D was using a lot of excessive force. I believe this is a bad way to persuade the

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