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Medicare and Medicaid Insurance Fraud and Abuse Fraud is an intentional deception or misrepresentation n of services that an individual knows to be false and could result in an unauthorized reimbursement to a practice. Abuse describes incident or practices inconsistent with accepted and sound medical business or fiscal practices. The difference between fraud and abuse boils down to the person’s intent. Both activities have the same effect: they consume valuable resources from the medicare beneficiaries. It is the intent that creates a fraudulent situation. Medicare and Medicaid fraud make some of the richest criminals in the U.S. One person in two months can submit 1…show more content…
So Medicare is required to pay out to the providers within 30 days. So that doesn’t give Medicare enough time to investigate the claims. Medicare fraud is the highest paying scam that a crook can get there hands on. Florida is ground zero for Medicare fraud. In Los Angeles at City of Angels Medical center they were recruiting homeless people off the street to fill there empty beds paying them with cash, drugs , clean beds, showers and 3 warm meals a day in exchange for there using there names and Medicare numbers to charge a wide variety of made up services to Medicare. I’ve watched numerous things on the internet you tube and read articles while I was writing this report. All of them said that Medicare fraud doesn't seem to be a major concern Not even to the fraud line for Medicare. Hundreds of thousands of people try to report fraudulent charges on there Medicare report that they receive in the mail each month some of them being said to have received prosthetic limbs and these patients aren’t even missing any limbs, yet still are having these claims some worth $30,000 to $50,000 put on there

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