Arguments Against Health Insurance

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One trip to the doctors office is all it takes for something to go wrong. When people get sick and go to the doctors office they more than likely reliy on there health insurance to pick up the bill. Honestly though how do you know everything will be fine and they will pick up the bill? Health Insurance is a really sensitive subject and most people dont think about it at all. Health Insurance is the reason more than fifty percent of peopole have filed bankrupty of people have filed bankruptcy it is scaring people if they have it they may lose it and it only covers a certain amount of things. Today in the united states over two million people have filed bankruptcy due to their medical bills. Most people who get sick can not afford to pay…show more content…
both private coverage and ragular health insurance have certain things you can and can not do. medicare will not cover theatre fees, accomidations, medical services and surgery such as cosmotology. Private coverage is extremly different from regular medicare. private coverage allows you to go to a certain doctor or a ceartin hospital. if you are treated as a private patient medicare will pay seventy five percent of the medicare benifits schedule fee. the medicare coverage wont cover you if you have to be transported from one hospital to another. You would have to go and physically see what all it covers and dosnt cover. Say you go to the hospital and something goes wrong and they wont pick up that bill its a bill you didnt expect you would have. some peopole have major medical health insurance where they cover most things. major medical insurance will or can cover room and board if you stay at a hostpital over night, x-rays, lab work, surguries, and other special treatment. also you are allowed to have more than one health insurance. although they will pick up what the other does not cover they are still exspensive. you be paying twice as much, instead of just paying for one. the government more than likley will make changes to that and you could lose all your benifits. the problem is that most health insurance say they will cover certain things and in realtiy they dont. Having health insurance is risky because you never really know what you are getting or if they have lied to you. you are basically trusitng people who can and will do whatever they want with your

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