Is The American Dream Still A Dream

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Lisa Koerner Mrs. Kipp English 3, Period 4 15 December 2010 The American Dream: Still a Dream “The American dream…used to be a college education, a steady job, a nice house (and a family to fill it), and a better financial picture than what your parents had” (Trunk, para1). American citizens are beginning to doubt if they are still capable of obtaining this fantasy. Although it may still be possible, it is getting harder and less common to reach the goal, the American dream. An extremely important part of achieving the American dream is finances. The optimists of this country like to say money is not a factor. According to Ariel Freiberg, “It is not what will make our lives secure and it will not help us define ourselves” (Trunk, para 3). Income certainly does not define who a person is and how they live their life. To some people money will not…show more content…
But for many Americans, the term “leftover money” does not exist in their vocabulary. Statistics from the Commerce Department prove, “The savings rate for Americans is the lowest it has been in 73 years” (Wallechinsky, para 10). Saving money is nearly impossible, let alone paying monthly bills. Also, benefits from jobs such as healthcare and bonuses are decreasing along with businesses being stricter about missing work. When Richard Oden was not able to return to work fast enough after getting a major surgery, unfortunately, “to help support his family, Oden had to dip into his 401(k) fund, paying a penalty for premature withdrawal” (Wallechinsky, para 8). If someone suffers a completely unexpected complication that affects their working ability for a certain amount of time, they are basically kicked out on the street. Being laid off makes it incredibly hard for a citizen to get back on his or her feet. It is almost as if someone has to be perfectly healthy and free of accident vulnerability to have a good
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