Micro Sociological Interaction in the Digital Age

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Throughout the 20th and 21st century we have been the spectators for amazing revolutions that had change the living conditions of most people in the entire planet. The industrial revolution for example made the conscience of time and space totally different. People could travel long distances in less time. They could communicate faster with far places in the different continents. People start acting in different ways. Trends, news and culture were revolving around the world faster and more contagious that ever before. Today we have witnessed the new revolution to a digital age, which has caused a huge change in the way people act to each other. Everyday new and different advancements in technology create new standards in everyday interactions with other people. Making a good impression to others is one important aspect in our interaction with them. It’s common to impress people in the way we dress, we act and we talk. Today we make impressions posting a sexy picture in our Facebook profile or writing philosophical status; it depends how and for who we want to make the impression. For example when we like a Facebook page to apply for a scholarship we will avoid very personal status and we will maintain our Facebook profile in the best manner possible. These new ways to do our “impression management” had transformed the way people are see from each other’s eyes. In the digital age is easier to evaluate a person in many aspects of their lives just by accessing their Facebook profile. In this way women and men are more susceptible to gender inequality because others can judge them if they act against what is expected for them as women or men. People are judge in how they manage their Facebook pages. Pictures can be misunderstood and can create big problems. Today recruiters review the applicants’ Facebook profiles and make decisions using the information they found
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