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Dislike Button on Facebook One of the greatest evolutions of Facebook is the creation of the ‘Like’ button. With it, people could use it as a tool to provide support to another person’s thoughts and ideas instantaneously. However, the creation of the ‘Like’ button also lead to the debate that a ‘Dislike’ button should also be implemented, so the user can have the option to vote in favor, go against, or be neutral to the certain thought or idea. There are even a few Facebook pages exist for people trying to get a ‘Dislike’ button integrated alongside the ‘Like’ button (Abby, 2013). While implementing the ‘Dislike’ button seems pretty harmless to most of us, it could actually leave a negative impact on individuals, society and businesses. The use of ‘Dislike’ button on Facebook could very well hurt a person mentally and emotionally. Imagine writing a status on Facebook about your day and someone gives you a ‘dislike’. That action alone could already make you question to what you are doing wrong and leave you feeling negative for the whole day. What more if it is a ten or a hundred thumbs down? The ‘dislike’ button is served as a silent and forced criticism to another person’s thought. As human beings, it is more difficult for us to not dwell into negative response than it is to positive response (Dan Pearce, 2010). No matter what the post is about, a single thumb down could suck any happiness out of it. The ‘dislike’ button could also strip away a person’s confidence. For example, a girl who tries to be the next student council president in college writes a post on Facebook for everyone to vote for her but everyone decides to hit the dislike button just to make fun of her or to support the other candidate. This girl would see how many people ‘dislike’ her post and gives up. Her self esteem and morale would also deteriorate alongside. Eventually, she will be too

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