Facebook's Impact on Social Isolation and Depression Essay

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Facebook's Impact on Social Isolation and Depression Elizabeth A. Johnson Argosy University Online ENG 101 Professor James Lange Facebook's Impact on Social Isolation and Depression Facebook, a popular social networking website, considered one of the prime techniques in present day social interaction. It is excessive for communication, networking, getting the latest news, and scheduling events. This dominate social media platform is intended to unite individuals and evidently, it accomplishes this in a numerous ways. On the other hand, Facebook's usefulness and reputation often disguises its more psychological detrimental aspects, of which seems to be social isolation and depression. From this, the concern arises as to whether or not Facebook is favorable to the social good of American society or does it encumber the ability to socialize face-to-face. Facebook, according to Smith (2014), is "used by 57% of all American adults and 73% of all those ages 12-17." These age groups of Facebook users are using Facebook over real and physical interaction, which can undesirably distress the value of relationships, and lead to depression, psychological disorders, and loneliness. When used solely for communication purposes, broad use of the internet, including Facebook, linked the dwindling communication amid family members within a household, decreasing of one's social circle, and increasing amount of depression and loneliness (Kujath, 2011, p. 75). Interaction through the means of Facebook shifts the social interaction. Due to the convenience of being able to utilize Facebook for all purposes of social interaction, people are lacking the drive of genuine face-to-face interaction with others. Removing that face-to-face interaction can actually affect social development. It is imperative that we, as humans, have face-to-face interaction and

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