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The author’s subjectivity shows that he has a strong feeling towards dogs. This article starts out saying that he doesn’t feel that Michael Vick received a harsh enough punishment for forcing innocent dogs to fight. By using the word innocent, the author shows he feels that dogs have emotions such as people do, or he might have a dog himself that he can relate the feeling of innocence too. He also referred to Michael Vick as being immature. The author is relating dog fighting to immaturity because something he may have heard that triggered that thought. He is judging Michael Vick off of this one incident. (Brandon B.) The author also goes on to express his beliefs about the people who felt Mike Vick should be released from prison. He implied…show more content…
In America we are so diverse and we have a lot of different religions to choose from as well as some people who don’t believe in anything at all. I was raised in the church and have a deep relationship with God. State administrators are not permitted to encourage or discourage religion. Some people may find your beliefs offensive because it is not the same belief they have. Certain issues are more sensitive than others and the topic of religion is one of them. In science, there are theories about how the world was created such as the creation theory and the evolution theory. For example, during science class when I have to discuss the evolution theory, I might feel that it is not the correct way in which the earth was created. The evolution theory believes that we evolved from animals and adapted to our environment. The creation theory is more biblically based and states that God created the heavens and the earth and formed man out of the dust of the ground. If one of my students says to me that they the creation theory is stupid and he doesn’t believe it than I will allow his opinion to be expressed but remind him or her not to be offensive to the other students. The students are a reflection of what they learn at home and might be speaking from a family member or friend’s point of

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