Yahwist Creation Story

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Comparison between Creation Stories. The Bible contains two creation stories, the Priestly (P) and the Yahwist (J). Both are thought to have been written by different traditions and around 400 years apart. The Priestly and the Yahwist have many similarities as well as differences. But why do both accounts exist? By studying these two stories a better understanding of the religion truths can be found. Also, how both creation stories help humankind develop a better interpretation of God. By reading the Creation stories many differences between the Priestly and Yahwist accounts can be noticed. The Priestly (P) account, Gen 1:1 – 2:4b, was written around the time of the Exile, roughly around 550 – 450 BCE. While the Yahwist (J) account, Gen 2:4b – 25, is written around the time of Solomon, 960 – 930 BCE. The most obvious difference between two accounts is that the Priestly account is written in a repetitive style with its seven days, “And there was evening and there was morning, the third day.” (Gen 1:13). Whereas the Yahwist tradition isn’t written with a systematic way but with an overview style and using…show more content…
God gave humans domination over the rest of creation, because of this human being is put in charge to take care of the Lord’s creation and not destroy it. In the Bible “formed a man” (Gen 2:7) roughly translates to Adam in Hebrew and the name Eve means living. Adam and Eve are a representation of human beings. Human beings exist on Earth in order to experience good and evil and are tested by God to learn to choose good over evil. By having children, humans give others the same chance to experience life. Through learning humans are able to find their way back when wrong and repentance for their sins. By being created in image of the Lord, humankind are expected to carry out good qualities and respect all living

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