Darwinism v Genesis

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Kyle Vandermark 12-17-11 Period 5 Darwinism vs. Genesis The idea of Genesis has been accepted by the religion of Christianity, but not everyone believes about the idea of creation and the story of Adam and Eve. Darwinism is the opposing argument in this case, this is the idea of survival of the fittest, and only the ones who adapt to their surroundings can live on. Darwinism is generally taught or at least explained in school, because some schools aren’t able to have religion taught. This doesn’t mean Darwinism is superior over the idea of Genesis. The deception about philosophical questions such as this one, is that there is no real scientific answer, so this makes debates on the topic very interesting. Both sides may have very good points in their arguments, but none would ever be better over the other. One would say that Darwinism is unexplainable, more so than creation. Darwinism, as it may explain what happened after all the life forms were created, it doesn’t explain how the life forms were created. Darwinism and Natural Selection, this is a more difficult topic to defend, because these people or beings have to be created in order to survive by adaptation. Since evolution is simply the change in population based on the surroundings and changing lifestyles in order to stay alive, this could very well be a credible argument to follow. Success in evolution can lead into new varieties and new species, on the other hand, failure may lead to extinction of the certain species. There are four main points of evidence when it comes to evolution. The change in fossil record in earlier species. Chemical along with
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