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Nature vs Nurture Debate M1 & D1 Essay

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  • on January 21, 2015
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Unit 4 - Development through the life stages M1, D1
Discuss the nature-nurture debate in relation to the development of an individual (M1)

In this debate, I will be discussing the nature - nurture of an individual who is still developing. This debate has been an issue for many years.
What is the meaning of ‘Nature’?
‘’The basic or inherent features, character, or qualities of something.’’ from the ‘Oxford dictionaries’ For example, a child inherits the mothers eye colour and the fathers hair texture. There are debate argue that people are shaped by biology and genetic such as eye colour.
What is the meaning of ‘Nurture’?
‘’The sum of environmental influences and conditions acting on an organism’’. Also from the ‘Oxford dictionary. For example, a teenager who has friends that are aggressive. That teenager can change his behaviour and come also aggressive due to the environment influences that he is around nearly everyday of the individual’s life.There are debates that argue that people are shaped by biology and genetics. The nurture that if it is the social, economic or environmental influences around a person that makes them a certain way, such as life experience. Some say that social life is the most important factor in determining who are and how we behave. The nature or nurture debate is concerned the with the contributions of genetic inheritance, and environmental factors to human development.
The nature theory says, although traits such as as eye and hair colour and genetics diseases are determined by genes, that there are also different qualities, for example,
Some others would say that, we learn or discovers all them above. We learn and improve our intelligences, we probably inherit certain personality traits from the things/people around us and some people may be curious of their preferences, therefore be confused in who we are.

The issue of nature in having a big impact on a child’s...

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