Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

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Intelligent Design vs. Evolution A decades-long conversation about the origins of the world has escalated into a roaring debate about how science should be taught in public schools. Should evolution be taught alone in science classes, or should it be accompanied by alternate theories such as “intelligent design,” the belief that the Earth and its life forms were guided in their development by some unidentified higher intelligence? (GOD) Based upon me being a Christian, I believe that the theory of life origin was created and designed by God. The world around us that we see every day is probably best evidence and proof that God created the universe. The creation of the world was a miracle and cannot be explained by scientist. Supernatural forces God contains can explain the act of creation. God can create and breathe life and be the designer of our souls. In the bible there is commentary and scriptures below provide proof that God created the universe. Key Bible verses such as: Hebrews 11:3, John 1:3, Romans 1:20, and Genesis 2:7, and. The creation of this world was a miracle not explained by natural phenomenon. God offers us a self-evident explanation of how he created the universe in the Bible. The act of creation cannot be adequately explained through natural phenomenon. God does not leave an empirical bread crumb trail in order to demonstrate His existence. Rather, the only way we can really know God is through the gracious work of the Holy Spirit, who illuminates to us what God has revealed about Himself. It is only by the Spirit that we are able truly to hear the “speech” and “knowledge” poured out by the heavens God created. Only by God’s gracious self-revelation can we understand that all of “nature” is in fact creation. With that being said, Biology classes are taken by many students, which is the study of life and of its many diverse forms.

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