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Jesus Camp: Brainwashing the Nonbeliever In today’s society those unfamiliar with Christianity occasionally believe it to be some type of cult. These nonbelievers do not understand why someone would devote their lives to such a faith. The Christian faith has many followers around the globe, they worship in many different ways, and they often share the same truths. Christians anticipate the coming of Jesus Christ and his ability to save His people from the evil of this world. The movie Jesus Camp portrays the culture of the Christian faith and its followers, but people who are non-Christians will view a one-sided, negative, manipulated depiction of young Christ followers as indoctrination into a cult. In the film Jesus Camp, Becky Fischer, a children’s pastor running a Christian summer camp in Devils Lake, North Dakota, leads kids to devote their lives to God and strengthen their walks with Him. The filmmakers show the campers in their “mountaintop experience” which many may view as an over-the-top cult-like activity. Although the campers have a deep love for Christ, their actions in their worship and opinions appear to be the result of right-wing extremist brainwashing and indoctrination, the directors would like you to think. When the kids attend worship services they are encouraged and taught to show their feelings by crying and shaking on the ground. Becky Fischer encourages these young followers to follow her methods for worship and helps them find the right path for them to live. Her style is much different than most Americans are accustomed to…when she prays she speaks in tongues. The directors of this documentary may fool themselves into thinking that they are sharing a non-biased look at Christianity, but it becomes very obvious that they are trying to share their political views and beliefs with the viewers of the film. There are parts of the film where

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