The First Ten Pages Sam Harris Analysis

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Religion at one time was very touchy subject in many cultures around the globe, as the world progressed more people became open to religion. Theses effects have lead to a society overflowing with religious moderates. Religious moderates are people who aren't fundamentalists and don't interpret their religious scripture in a literal context. They have tolerance for other religions and beliefs and believe that no faith should be forced upon you. Sam Harris discusses religious moderates and their dogmatic views in his article “The First Ten Pages.” Harris argues that they are the “instability” in our society because moderates believe in something without having factual evidence to prove it. Moderates demonstrate a lack of knowledge for their own religion and continue believing in a 2000 year old…show more content…
since he has tried to divert you from Yahweh your God”. Harris states that Christian and Jewish followers still allowing heresy which is belief or opinion contrary to orthodox, as an example to demonstrate the dogmatism because they continue devoting to a faith that they have not literally understood. Harris provides logical reasons for his position on religious moderates For every point that he discusses in this paper he provides examples to defend his point. Harris uses a devout Christian trusting his wife and believing weather eating frozen yogurt will make him invisible as an example. “Explaining that he would require much evidence” to be persuaded on what he believes. Another concrete example that Harris used was the one that was based off the six scientists and how they display both faith in science and religion. They were equally tolerant to religion and science and practice both ideals in their daily lives. Harris describes how
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