Narrative Style In Tim Winton's Minimum Of Two

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I He was dead. He knew he was dead. He was too peaceful and happy to be alive. There was a serenity about being down there, away from the noise of the world. All of a sudden his eyes became blurry from the chlorine and he felt a tightening in his chest. A sense of panic began to grow in him and he knew that he must be alive. He needed air. More than anything else he wanted to breathe. He must survive. His lungs were burning. He flailed his arms and legs through the water in vain attempts to reach the surface but everything he did seemed like it was slow motion. His lungs gave way and he tried to breathe in. Where he searched for air and comfort, he only found murky water and pain. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to survive anymore. As his…show more content…
It includes comparable themes and a writing style which is very close to Winton’s. My story includes short syntax and a sentence structure very similar to the stories in ‘Minimum Of Two’. The use of the word ‘retreated’ and the phrase ‘accepting defeat yet again’ highlights that Will is not a strong person. I decided to not make him strong as a similarity to the main protagonist of ‘Minimum Of Two’, Jerra. I used the bible passage from the bible (Job 17:9) to relate to Winton’s occasional references to religion. In the short story ‘Holding’, the protagonist is sceptical of religion but understands that it helps other people in their lives, and in ‘More’, Jerra discovers that his dad became religious to help himself through any tough times. My character is quite annoyed by religion but he still draws strength from the passage I stated earlier despite his scepticism. Will experiences difficulties similar to that of Winton’s characters. His life is controlled by traumatic events from his past. Will was afraid of the water because of his earlier life in much the same way that Queenie Cookson from ‘Laps’ was afraid to return to
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