Michae Michael Orstrog: Jack The Ripper

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Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward was born in 1864 as the grandson of Queen Victoria. He was the duke of Clarence and known as eddy. He was a very lazy and spoiled character so therefore had no aims or ambitions in life. He was not a violent man so therefore had no need to resort to violence and murder. Eddy was accused for being jack the ripper by Phillippe Jullien’s book in 1962. In 1970 Dr Stowell accused Eddy as he released an article basically saying he went insane as his Doctor, Gull, was treating him for syphilis. Montague Druitt was born in 1957 in Dorset and was said to be a doctor of a wealthy family who disappeared when the Miller’s Court murder took place and the body was found in the Thames on the 31st December several weeks after the estimated murder. He was to be sexually insane proved from his private information so his family and friends must have also believed it was him who committed the murders. This information shows that he could be easily be accused as Jack the Ripper.…show more content…
Orstog spent part of his life in jail and he was convicted for thieving. He was described as polite, clever and had a good education but was still a criminal. Many people thought he was acting the insanity because if he did he would get some sympathy and maybe a second chance as he can’t really help it if he is insane. Ostrog had a very week connection as he was too tall (5 foot 11 inches), too old (fifties or sixties) to match any of the witnesses descriptions of the

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