• Witness to the Assassination of Malcolm X

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Malcolm X was born on May 19th 1925. His quote defend themselves “by any means necessary”. Malcom X expressed anger of the lifestyle of African Americans during this time. In his personal life, his father was a Baptist minister and supporter of Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey. His involvement of the civil rights prompted to death threats from white supremacist, forcing the family to move away. The family suffered fro intimidations, death threats and their home was burned down. In 1930 Malcolm X father’s body was found. The police ruled his death as accident, although Malcolm’s Mother believed the involvement of the White Supremacist, and due the emotional distress, she was admitted to a mental institution. The family was split up amongst various foster homes; this was the foundation of anger against the white race from Malcolm’s point of view. Malcolm was involved with drugs, gambling and prostitution. Later on, he was convicted with his friend “Shorty” with burglary charges. His sentence was 10 years in prison, serving seven years. After the release of the prison, his brother Reginald discussed his recent engagement with the Muslim religion. Malcolm began the study of this new religion. During his role of leadership in the Muslim religion, Malcolm Little removed his last name, and replicated with X, since he believe his last name was meaning of slave. His frustration towards the white America community, and the lack of success of African Americans, created the movement to keep all the “Negros” together and harm if necessary. The most important issues during this time was the lack of independence and success within the black community. His believes was to stay together as one black community and defended to each other against anyone. Malcolm X was appointed as a national and minister of the Nation of Islam. The orders from
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