The Rise And Fall Of Malcolm X

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The Rise and Fall of Malcolm X Malcolm Little later known as Malcolm X was born May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska and raised by Father Earl little and mother Louise Norton Little. Malcolm’s father, Earl Little was a Baptist Minister and civil rights activist. Malcolm’s mother, Louise was a homemaker occupied with 8 children. Earl Little’s civil rights actions led to death threats from the white supremacy group the Black Legions forcing Malcolm’s family to move twice before Malcolm’s fourth birthday. In 1931 Earl little’s body was found lying across train tracks with the back of his head smashed in. The police ruled his father’s death as an accident. The family was outraged. Louise Little was committed to a mental institution several years later after Earl’s death due to a nervous breakdown. All the children were split up in foster homes and orphanages. While in school Malcolm had dreams of becoming a lawyer but was told by his teacher he wasn’t smart enough and he should try to become a carpenter. After hearing this Malcolm decided to drop out of school and started working odd jobs and committing various crimes. Malcolm became involved in drugs, gambling, and alcohol. Along with being involved in drugs and alcohol Malcolm and his good friend Malcolm “Shorty” Jarvis became involved with burglary while they were in Boston, Massachusetts. Malcolm Little was known by his friends and family as Red for the color of his hair. In 1946 Red and Shorty were sentenced to 10 years of hard labor in a maximum security prison. Malcolm was paroled after serving 7 years. While in prison Malcolm spent the first few months in solitary confinement. Once out of solitary confinement Malcolm met a man by the name of Ben English who was a Muslim. Ben English took a lot of time with Malcolm and tried to convince Malcolm of the Muslim ways. After several years of studying and working with Ben

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