Mgt/350 Critical Thinking Case Study

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Critical Thinking Application MGT/350 August 20, 2013 Critical Thinking Application Making a sound decision can be complicated enough by not following an appropriate decision making process. A decision is a choice between two or more alternatives. When an individual has a choice, decision making can be time consuming but may not require critical thinking. When thinking critically, the individual will consider all possibilities of the matter and its resolution, including how the decision may affect others involved. Applying critical thinking in the workplace expands the thought process opening the mind to develop ideas, make more acceptable decisions, and lesser mistakes. When critical thinking is used, probing for answers and questions arise. Judging the situation or problem also occurs when thinking critically. When critical thinking is not used, decisions are based on partial information resulting in poor decision making and organizational disasters. Just last week critical thinking was used in the workplace. Relocating the dental clinic to a new facility has two floors as opposed to one. In the old location, two medical support staff checked in patients, answered telephone calls, processed travel pay, and…show more content…
Making poor decisions by not thinking critically can affect not only for the individual, but individuals around. When critical thinking is not a part of day-to-day operations of an organization, it will surely head for disaster. Critical thinking is important in exploring possibilities. This is especially important in an organization in prevention of possible downfalls of the organization. As a critical thinker explores possibilities, he or she may take action on something that may have posed a devastating outcome had they not thought ahead critically. Maybe even the opposite, exploring possibilities of new ideas to improve the organizations
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