Why I Want to Be a Hygienist?

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WHY I WANT TO BE A HYGIENIST? Dental hygiene offers an excellent title as a qualified health care professional with great wages and flexibility with time which works for any individual in this field. Working at a dental office as a co-op student; I’ve learned and explored the ups and downs of this profession. This profession works well for an individual who is looking to spend roughly about 2 years of intensive studying which will open doors for them to a professional title with a generous wage and flexibility with time. One of the many great things to find out when going into this profession is that the options are narrowed but are very vast and gives one the option to go further in this field. The last semester of the last year in high school, I enrolled myself into a co-op program to explore my future dream job. I was given the opportunity to work at a dental office by the name of Dentistry at Vitality. Throughout the four months working at the office, I’ve gained lots of experience and learned a lot. The co-op experience helped in exploring this field and seeing how it is in the real world. At the end of the program, I weighed all the good and bad points about this profession and came to a conclusion that the good outweighed the bad. Through my stay at the dental office, I’ve seen people quit the job even after fifteen years of working at the dental office only because of miscommunication and a weak relationship with her boss, the dentist. Another hygienist approached me and gave me very useful information, shared stories and passed helpful advices. With roughly about two years of hard work and intensive studying which includes theoretical and practical classes will get one to the title as a professional hygienist. By working at the dental office, I realized that dental office draws respect to your personality and a dental hygienists work is always

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