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Unit 6 P7 Describe the roles, responsibilities and career pathways of three health or social care workers. Dentists A dentist leads the dental team. Their role is to have confidence to diagnose, treat problems and to provide good advices to patients. Their other important role is to lead the team; they should be good at managerial and also should have an administrative skill. Their job is to prevent our teeth from decay and disease and to protect our gums and teeth. As a dentist, their responsibilities are to put the patients on ease. They need to gain the patients confidence, deal sympathetically with their fear. A dentist holds a position of trust. They need to behave with integrity, fact and understanding. Most importantly is to lead the team. A dentist earns £90,000 per year. If someone wants to be a dentist, they should have knowledge of human anatomy and oral diseases. They should have first class clinical skills, good A level grades, one year pre-dental courses and courses must be approved by General Dental Council (GDC). There are some opportunities of being a dentist; you can work in a dental hospital, NHS hospitals or community service. But if you choose to work in a hospital you will probably specialise in specific area of dentistry. Dental Nurses Most dental nurses work in local dental surgeries. Dental nurses will be helping more than 30 patients a day of all ages. Their role is to reassure and put the patients at ease. They support the dentist in all aspect, help with the treatment, looking after patient’s record and helping with reception work. Dental nurses’ responsibilities are mixing materials used for filling teeth. They are the one who processes the x-rays, completing patients’ records, sterilising instruments and generally keeping the surgery ready for use. If someone wants to become a dental nurse, they are required to have

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