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Memo To: Susan Bright, Instructor From: Sally Wright, Student Date: October 4, 2012 Subject: Reflective Memo on Problem/Analysis Report Introduction This memo will explain the writing process that I used to write my problem/analysis report. My problem/analysis report analyze how several complaints from patients about one of our dental products leaving stains on their tooth colored restorations have lead to additional issues in our dental office. The report was intended to be read by the owner of “Caring Smiles”, Dr. Bill Pauley. I chose to write about this issue because this is an issue that is experience in a lot of dental offices. Discussion The first step in planning that I took was deciding what topic I was going to write about. After deciding my topic I needed to figure out the short and long effects the issue could have on the company. I did some research using the internet and from work related experience to help me come up with effects. Once I figured that out it was easy for me to get started on my worksheets. The first worksheet I did was the communication strategy worksheet. Worksheet The communication strategy worksheet provided me with the basic foundation for the paper. Once completely that worksheet I had most of my answers and was able to complete the design worksheet. In the first paper the design worksheet was hard for me to complete, but I was able to do this one with ease. I think the most helpful worksheet for this paper was the communication strategy worksheet. It really help me solved all the underlying questions beforehand so it was easier for me to write my first draft. Once I started writing my draft I found it to be very hard to not make a recommendation. I felt that my first draft was very unorganized because I begin putting more emphasis on other issues. If it wasn’t for the peer reviews, I

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