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College Admission Essay From Music to Sirens By Amenda Capri From a young age I could not help but to live my life being persistent, altruistic, and ambitious. I heard that I always seem to get what I want; not in a spoiled manner, but it means of when I set a goal for myself, I do always strive towards it and meet it by any means necessary. Many of my friends and family tell me that I am always putting everything and everyone before myself. They also tell me that they believe I will go far in life no matter what gets thrown at me while I try to get there. When I was nine I had a huge cheer competition that was coming up. We had to be at practice almost every day. Everyone was so excited to perform it in front of thousands of people. We were mostly excited because we were going to be on national television. Unfortunately, I got sick the week before…show more content…
I know that there is so much hard work I have to go through to get to that position though, but I’m already starting it. I have volunteered at the Staten Island University hospital for a year. I worked hard to get good grades into the Medical Program at school. Lucky for me those good grades paid off because I have been a certified medical assistant since I was 16. I am determined to obtain all of the experience and knowledge that it is required to get to where I want to be when I am older. Since I became a certified medical assistant, my eligibility has given me the opportunity to work with kids and some of the most amazing doctors I have met at a pediatrics office. People my age usually complain about having to work and not being able to have all the free time they used to, but I love what I do. As people say, if you love what you do you will never have to work a day in your life. I have great ambition to do what it takes to succeed in my life as a doctor because I have great passion for it and I do not see myself being anything else but a
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