Mgt 312 Week 4 Knowledge Test Paper

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MGT 312 Week 4 Knowledge Check Study Guide For more courses Please Visit : ) 1. Which theory of leadership focuses on the fact that leaders must determine the outcomes that motivate their followers and then help their followers to receive these outcomes once they have accomplished their tasks? 2. What is a disadvantage of subordinates' participation in the decision-making process in an organization? 3. Given below are some situations involving leader-subordinate relationships. Which of these illustrates a benefit of the leader-member exchange theory? 4. What is the…show more content…
Which source of power has most likely given the company's R&D unit an advantage over the other units? 7. Identify a true statement about the sources of organizational conflict. 8.Which stage of Pondy's model of conflict is characterized by unpleasantness, lack of cooperation, and negative perceptions among the people involved? 9. Cocoroma Corp. is an international coffee producer. Recently, workers at its coffee plantations demanded a raise in wages and asked the management to provide them with more affordable accommodation. These demands was outrightly denied by the management of Cocoroma; this resulted in the plantation workers going on strike. Which of the following statements about this scenario is most accurate in the context of Pondy's model of conflict? 10. Which of the following techniques can be used by a manager to foster compromise among the parties involved in a conflict? 11. Identify the type of conflict negotiation in which the groups involved choose to evade the steps necessary to resolve the conflict. 12. UB and TUC are two high-school basketball teams with a history of rivalry. In their most recent game, the referee granted a penalty shot to the UB team, which was

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