Mexican vs Brazilian Independence Movements

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If the success of an Independence movement is defined by achievement of the original goals, then the Mexican Independence Movement was more successful than the Brazilian Independence Movement because Mexico achieved its political, and social goals while Brazil did not achieve its goals to the extent Mexico did, and while Brazil did become economically stable afterwards, Mexico remained economically unstable. There were many political goals for both the Mexican and Brazilian Independence movements. Napoleon’s invasion of the mother countries, Spain and Portugal caused much disruption in the countries so forcing him out was not only a goal but a necessity. Other goals included bringing Ferdinand VII back into power and the final goal was to become independent. Along with the goal of removing Napoleon from Portugal, Brazil’s only set goal politically was to become independent. Because of Napoleon’s invasion of Spain starting in 1808, Mexico and other colonies started to become very passionate about having a revolution. On September 16, 1810, respected priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla issued the “Grito de Dolores” or Cry of Dolores which surmounted to Mexico declaring war against the Spanish government in the colonies. The ultimate goal was to be free from Spanish rule and have an independent government. Hidalgo sparked a bloody ten year war that ended over 300 years of colonial rule, thus achieving the initial intent ( The Struggle for Mexican Independence). The beginning of Brazil’s independence were a lot less chaotic than the movements in other Latin American colonies, but were still a difficult time. In 1807, Portuguese prince Dom Joao (also called John VI) sailed to Brazil for refuge from Napoleon. He brought many reforms that pleased the people of Brazil. These included getting rid of Portuguese monopoly on Brazil’s trade market, opening up

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