Battle of San Jacinto Turning Points

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Battle of San Jacinto The battle of San Jacinto was a major turning point in Texas history because Santa Anna’s defeat ended the Texas Revolution, Texas gained its independence form Mexico, and it later led to the annexation of Texas to the United States. In early 1835, Mexican president Santa Anna began centralizing power and operating as a dictatorship that is why Texas wanted to gain its independence from Mexico because Texas wanted more freedom, they wanted to be there own state that is why Texans had to defeat Santa Anna in order to become and independent state and to have freedom. That is how the Texas Revolution began Texas did not want to be under the control of a dictator that is why many battles were fought during the Texas Revolution which led to the last battle of the Texas Revolution which was known as the Battle of San Jacinto. Since the Battle of San Jacinto was the last battle the only remaining Texan troops were retreating with Sam Houston, then after learning that Santa Anna had divided his forces Houston got and idea. He thought it was the right time to attack and defeat Santa Anna because the Mexican troops did not expect it. Later when Houston found out where the Mexican troops were, he ordered his men to attack, and the Texans showed little mercy during this battle. Finally when Santa Anna was captured they forced him to sign a treaty recognizing the Republic of Texas after that Santa Anna ordered his army to return to Mexico and that was the end of the Texas Revolution which meant that Texas had finally gained its independence from Mexico. In 1845, the United States annexed the Republic of Texas and Texas became known as the 28th state. Later Texas claimed the eastern part of this new territory which consisted of part of present-day Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Utah, and Oklahoma. All the other resulting

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