Mexican Borderlands Model

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A Brief History of the People and Relations of the United States-Mexican Border Webster’s Dictionary informs us that a border simply exist as "the outer part or edge of anything; the exterior limit of a place,", yet all who live in the Borderlands understand the extent of how much more there is to the border besides this rudimentary definition. Wherever man has decided to pick up his pen and produce artificial lines upon a map, declaring boundaries between the flow of land or water that encompass the earth, a border exist. A particularly interesting border carrying myriad stories and an overwhelmingly emotional history ranging from bloodshed to compromise is the border that lies between The United States of America and Mexico. Although…show more content…
Coexistence develops when international conflicts are reduced so that they still exist, but are manageable. The border remains slightly open depending on the stability of the relations between the countries involved. Some binational interaction takes place, but not a great deal of it. Coexistence often emerges from alienation after a great deal of time has passed since atrocities were last committed on both sides and hatred eventually lessens, or a truce has resulted from a serious argument so international relations exist but cross-border interaction remains on a down low. A good example of Coexistent borderland is the Anglo-Hispanic relations in school. “In 1948 a favorable decision in the Delgado v. Bastrop Independent School District case mandated an end to the segregation of Mexican Americans in Texas schools (Richardson,…show more content…
Prohibition acted as a catalyst leading to the road of interdependence. People determined to drink if they pleased, regardless of American laws, fostered many Americans to turn to Mexico to fulfill their thirst. The Great Depression was a setback because people were tighter with spending and businesses went bankrupt- but the road to the sharing of cultures was already paved and was destined to be continued. One thing that helped improve relations between the two countries was President Roosevelt’s "Good Neighbor Policy" in the 1930’s and 1940’s that led to an increase in cooperation and compromise on both

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