America At War The Mexican War Summary

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America at War- The Mexican War by Bronwyn Mills is a non-fiction book. it is a book about U.S. Mexican War and all the details inside the book are based of the facts. This book is divided into nine chapters. Each chapter has its own main idea or theme. However they are all talking about how the war goes step by step. The U.S- Mexican War declared on 1846 and ended on February 2 1848 by signing a treaty in a small village of Guadelupe Hidalgo. Looking back of the beginning, how did the U.S-Mexican War start and why it started? According to the book, there are couples of reason for United States to declare the war. ” After repeated menaces, Mexico has passed the boundary of the United States, has invaded our territory and shed American blood upon the American soil…” This is a quote from chapter one, also it’s a war message that wrote by President Polk. This has already explained that the invading from Mexico is one of the reasons for staring the war. Also, manifest destiny is another important reason for the war. President Polk wanted to expand the boundary of Untied States. He vowed to bring California under the United States control. However these are not major causes of the war, the immediate cause was the annexation of Taxes. In…show more content…
First, this is a book that contains pictures and words which easier for the reader to read and provide a clear understanding. Second, this book opens with the major conflict—Texas annexation of the whole story and then starts the discussion step by step. This is a good beginning to bring the readers in to the story, as well as explain the conflict of the war. So I think this book is kind of interesting and the author explains everything detailedly and put on the pictures which easier to make the reader understand the U.S Mexican
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