Mexican War Essay

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Question #1: Explain how Southern slavery and the developing market revolution in the North contribute to the United States’ western expansion. How did westward expansion contribute to and intensify sectional animosity? Use the Mexican-American War and the Wilmot Proviso to frame your essay; in otherwords, how do the Mexican-American War and the Wilmot Proviso characterize these developments? Begin your essays there. Be sure to provide relevant examples: i.e. political, social, and economic developments, persons, laws, wars, cities, etc. The Mexican-American War fought between Mexico and the United States between 1846 and 1848 over control of the southwest North America is claimed to have caused animosity between the Northerners and Southerners. “In three short years, from 1845 to 1848, the territory of the United States grew an incredible 70 percent, and a continental nation took shape. This expansion, pushed by economic desires and feelings of American cultural superiority, led directly to the emergence of the divisive issue of slavery as the dominant issue in national politics.” Polk’s deliberate expansion on antislavery grounds reopened the issue of slavery in the territories. Northern Whig congressmen voted for military appropriation despite the misgivings they encountered. The door to sectional controversy was opened over the issue of expansion. David Wilmot, Democratic congressmen from Pennsylvania, proposed an amendment to a military appropriations bill in August 1846 during the time of the Mexican-American War. This bill suggested that slavery be banned in all territories acquired from Mexico. Upon the creation of this bill, Northern Whigs joined southern Democrats to vote against the measure, while Northerners of both parties supported it. Slavery in the South was always a sensitive issue, and the newly proposed bill seemed to

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