Mexican Prejudices

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All Mexicans are here illegally. African Americans are all on welfare. Teenage moms are all sluts. Each of the previous statement demonstrates a common help prejudices in the United States. According the Webster’s New World Dictionary prejudice is defined as an unreasonable bias or hatred or intolerance to other races or people. Prejudices are formed against a person or group of people without knowing that person or that group of people. Its is the act of judging before knowing. Asking some close friends, I found three prejudices that are commonly held between the three of them. These prejudices include women do not take stress well, Native Americans have a drinking problem, and illegal aliens from Mexico are stealing money from America. After…show more content…
This prejudice unlike the previous one has some validity to it. Although not all Native Americans have a drinking problem, alcoholism is a problem in the Native American community. According to the associated press about twelve prevent of deaths of Native Americans and Alaskan Natives are alcohol related, which is three percent higher then the general population. Also eleven percent of deaths in the Native American community were alcohol related. Looking at these statistics a person can see where this prejudice comes from, but knowing that not all Native Americans have a drinking problem is very important. Although some Native Americans may be alcoholics, not all Native Americans are alcoholics. Although alcoholism may be a problem in the community Native Americans, the Native American community as a whole is a very thriving community that has surpassed many hard times. This prejudice is an example of an exaggeration of a problem within a community. It is important to realize that you can not always believe what you…show more content…
It is estimated that there are abound twenty million illegal Mexican aliens in the United States. Some people believe that these illegal Mexicans are beneficial to the United States because they are working low paying jobs that Americans do not want to work. While on the other hand other people believe that illegal Mexicans are having a very negative impact on the United States. Stealing jobs and causing violence in the United States are examples of causing negative harm in the United States. While it is true that some illegal Mexicans are causing a lot of crime in the United States, some of these illegal Mexicans are just in the United States to make money for their families and are not trying to cause problems in the United

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