The Effects Of Migration

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The Effect of Migration The US is a country that is made up of many immigrants. The largest population of immigrants is Hispanic. The Hispanic population has such a huge role on our country. In the Hispanic population it is mostly Mexicans in the US. Most recently the Mexicans have been the largest incoming immigrants. The Mexicans that are coming to the US are willing to do as much as they can. They go through great risks to come to the US. The US is doing all they can to block anymore illegal immigrants from coming in. The migration of the Mexicans affects the US in many ways. As known Mexico has a great problem with drug wars and those drug are usually near the Border. The wars near the border are decreasing the population of the people living around the area. For example, people are very concerned to stay at Juarez or Tijuana. The astonishing thing about the illegal immigrants’ is that they do not just stay in the US they go back and forth to Mexico and the US. The incoming of illegal immigrants has decreased as of now. They decreased because of the US economy. Statistic shows that the outgoing money from the US has decreased. The money sent back to Mexico is not clear if it is drug money or not. But, there are many families being separated by the border , so they money might be to raise their families. The separation of families plays a big role on the Childs’ life. They are going to be separated because one of their family members is in the US and the other is with them. Most of the Kids that grow up in the US will be less bonded to their homeland. This means that it is less likely for them to send the money back home or even be politically involved. The biggest problem is for the future of the country. There are many families in the US with unauthorized families here. The legal statue of the parents plays a huge role on the child as he or she
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