Persuasive Essay About Illegal Immigration

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What is illegal immigration you ask? Well it is when an unauthorized or undocumented alien from another country crosses the national border in a way that violates the immigration laws of this country. In today’s world we are faced with the problems of illegal immigration, what we don’t know is that this actually cost us money. As of today we have eleven million illegal aliens in our United States, some of these 6,640,000 are from just Mexico alone. Mexico is one of our big illegal immigration problems we are faced with. But so far this is as much as we know of because of the only reports we have gotten and the numbers can and possibly be higher than the 11 million. The states of the U.S spend between usually 22 billion dollars a year to provide for welfare, medical, food stamps and education let alone. This money is not included by the SS (Social Security) and the Medicare that actually fund immigrant who have never worked a day in their life in the U.S! The reason for so many illegal aliens in our United States is because of how hard it can be…show more content…
Letting these immigrants stay could possibly help our country, it’s like a binding covenant because as long as they are here and we allow them to Mexico can help provide for them and help pay for what they do over here even as much as if we were to go over there. Combining the countries, we could help with our military support, money, resources they have but we don’t or the other way around. As everyone thinks having illegal immigrants can be the worst for our country when actually it does have pros to the cons of having illegal immigration. Some of those are Amnesty, Deportation, Civilian Border Patrols, Terrorist Threat, Economic Burden, Driver’s Licenses, and Border

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