Required license for alcohol drinking

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The statistic related to health care and crime issues would improve if a new alcohol consumption license could be revoked in case it was related to a crime or an accident, and if the written exam to obtain it would demand that future drinkers proove their knowledge of all devastating effects of alcohol on the human body and our society as a whole. However, this assumes a number of circumstances about alcohol drinkers lifestyle. First, there is an assumption that most people, and specially alcohol drinkers, care enough about their health to control themselves while drinking and to avoid alcohol abuse. This is not completely true. Since decades ago, there have been a lot of publications and special reports about how bad is alcohol for the body and how it increase the risk for many deceases, and many people still drink a lot. In addition, the license is supposed to be a strong argument to consider before drinking and driving. But reality is that it won’t prevent accidents from beginners at drinking. It only will prevent future accidents commited by the same person who already has been involved in one. It could help but it won’t prevent all accidents related to alcohol. Probably not even a large percentage of them. So the importance of the propossed license related to this point it’s only partial. Finally, this license will allow people to drink only if they had succesfully pass the exam. It’s expectable that most intelligent people would pass the exam without problems, but it’s a fact that precisely these people are the ones who have the less number of incidents related to alcohol consuming. Most people who do have problems with alcohol, are week to control themselves to avoid drinking when alcohol starts to cause them problems in their daily life, don’t like to think about their problems in order to find a proper solution for them. Most of them like easy ways
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