Men as Objects

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Rhetorical Analysis of “Men as Success Objects” Men are only of use to most women for their money. In the essay “Men as Success Objects," written by Warren Farrell, Farrell explains the financial state a man has to provide for a woman and in return receive minimal credit. Men work to satisfy their women, or in other cases impress. Farrell also explains a man’s status in society and how women are always put as positive figures and men as the “bad guys.” Farrell uses a concerned tone towards men; he uses logos to help his audience understand his point of view and demonstrate a personal word choice. First, Farrell uses a concern tone to make his audience aware of his argument against the status of a man to a woman. Farrell states, “Men see bringing home a healthy salary as an obligation, not an option” (186). This shows concern for men who live up to a woman’s expectations, which can cause a man to be overwhelmed. Men now believe that having a high-paying job will get them the woman of their dreams, which Farrell believes is “good-looking.” Farrell is also concerned about the status of a man in today’s society. Farrell tells his audience, “acknowledging the working mother ("Superwoman") without even being aware of the working father” (186). This concerns many men because those who are single fathers are barely known to society. Which means all the hard work the father put in for his child becomes unknown. Farrell believes that men are just as important as women. Farrell’s concerned tone leads him into giving his audience as much logical information needed to explain his argument. He uses logos to give examples he believes will astound men and women. Farrell gives a source that states, “Males work an average of eight hours more per week on their jobs than full-time working females” (187) this provides Farrell’s information to prove that men work harder to
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