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Fences Response Paper Fences is an interesting look into a pre-civil rights movement African American family. At the beginning of the play the family dynamics seem functional, but there are some serious changes about to happen over the next couple of years in the family. I enjoyed this play so my response to this one will be kinder than my response about The Doll House. The main motif that I saw during the play was how the stubbornness to change what you believe can affect your life in such a drastic way. The main character, Troy, shows the audience how being a stubborn individual can damage your life. Stubbornness and how Troy deals with the problems his ideals have caused him have sometimes aided him, but the majority of them have plagued him until his death. There were two major improvements to Troy’s life because of his stubbornness. Early on in the play Troy stands up to his boss challenging the idea that only white men could only drive trucks and the black men had to do all of the heavy lifting. He protested this even though he is unable to read or drive a car. His confidence in himself is so incredibly high that he will protest just to protest, even if it costs him his job. His arrogance is also so high that to find success in his life he has to have sexual relations with another woman. This is a negative thing that developed out of his opinions, but there was a positive to this. He got a baby daughter out of it. His daughter was a clean slate and didn’t know any of the father’s pitfalls at that point in time. It gave Troy somebody to talk to in his final days which for a man with so many opinions, it is the greatest closure they can have. These are the positive things that I saw from Troy; however, there are many more things that he destroyed because of his stubbornness. Troy destroys relationships over and over again throughout the play. Starting

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