A Critique of “Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much Money?”

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A Critique of “Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much Money?” In his article “Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much Money,” Mihir Bhagat is for the argument that professional athletes are making too much money. He believes that the athletes do not deserve the immense amount of money they are being paid. Professional athletes are paid too much money for a “job” that contains little to no value in our society. Bhagat starts off his piece by making a point that in today’s society, salaries are usually based on the worth of a person’s job (1). According to Bhagat, one’s pay should be earned by economic importance and value. He compares an athlete’s salary to an average classroom teacher’s salary and concludes that a professional athlete should not have the higher salary. Since society’s future and economy depends of the education of our youth, Bhagat believes “Teaching is one of the most economically important occupations.” (1) He claims that the yearly salary of a regular school teacher is synonymic to each basket that Kobe Bryant, a professional basketball player in the NBA, scores. Bhagat disagrees with the argument that since professional athletes entertain millions of people across the globe, they provide society with more service rather than a teacher does teaching to students. Bhagat states that, “In order for these players to gain respect, they need to have a more significant impact on the community.” (1) Bhagat’s intended audience is the athlete’s team owners, made up of primarily men. Bhagat reels in readers by asking questions highlighting the wealth of professional athletes then offers information on the subject in a straight forward manner. He provides detailed examples explaining the difference in salaries and importance between the jobs that fulfill entertainment needs and the jobs that aren’t given the recognition they deserve. Bhagat

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