Manchester United - Stakeholder Mapping (16/20) Essay

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[pic] 4G – Corporate Strategy Assignment 2 Instructions: Please, read the Manchester United Case carefully, then, answer the questions using the template provided. Format: - Individual based - Font: Times New Roman, 12, single space - Max 4 pages (See below) o Page 1 (list of stakeholders) o Page 2 (Stakeholder mapping : actual situation from the case) o Page 3 (Stakeholder mapping: preferred situation) o Page 4 (Justify the “preferred” mapping) Name of the student: ____________________________________ Class: Question 1: List of the stakeholders Shareholders. They represent an increasing interest for clubs listed on the stock exchange, offering them the possibility to improve their financial performance, more as a company than a football club. They seek return on investment when they invest their money. Football clubs shareholders often invest in football to benefit from its media exposition or to get advantages like access to games, meetings with players. Fans. Clubs consider them as customers basically. They are still considered as football’s main target, but for merchandising and media’s audience. As customers, they expect from an organisation, a good quality product and service. Fans do not care about the size of the net profits of the club they support. But football fans have an emotional link with `their' team, a kind of identification. Their first expectation is the team to win. So they want the best players to play for their team and they always put pressure on clubs to buy them. Clubs agree that fans are essential for them and that they affect their strategy, that's why they are considered as very important stakeholders. Fans also represent an important part of clubs' income. Players and Coaches. They are at the core of this business. Players and coaches are employees of the clubs and so

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