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In 2010, President Obama addressed the issue of the gender wage gap in a written statement that stated “even in 2010, women make only 77 cents for every dollar that men earn”. The president also put pressure on the committee to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act that gives women the right to sue their employees if they’re not being paid the same as men, provided they have the same skills, experience and education. The act takes immediate steps to narrow down the wage gap, if it actually existed. Nevertheless, despite that bill being passed, many argue that the wage gap is a result of “sex discrimination”. They believe in this part of the world, women are drawing even with men in terms of education and experience, yet men are paid more and do better than women at work. However, others are convinced that the gender bias does not explain the male-female pay gap and argue that the wage gap is a myth. Regardless of what people say, I believe that the wage gap is based on a misleading data and…show more content…
Furthermore, the comparison used is false as it is based on a misleading data. According to the pay data published by White House, women make 91 cents for every dollar men make. According to the incorrect data based on just the averages of the average earnings and not take other factors into consideration, one would say that there is a sex discrimination as men are not being paid the same as women. Think of it this way, if there ever was a discrimination in gender, then why should firms not hire only women for 78 cents a dollar and fire all men? That certainly would benefit the firm largely. Therefore, the gender wage gap is not a result of sex discrimination as the data used to calculate the average earnings is misleading. Thus, it can be said that women choose to make less than

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