Medical Poisoning For Children

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Introduction: Children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, can be considered as the most vulnerable individuals when it comes to any kind of a accidents. Medical poisoning is a significant issue for children and community. It happen unintentionally to children, because they are not matured. They are not aware of dangerous consequences. Poisoning might led to death, therefore it ranks second as a cause of injury hospital admission among children below 5 year (Ozan, J et al, 2002). . According to Hoy,J et al (2002) the age from 0-4 was higher in getting poisoning by pharmaceutical which was 101 per 100,000 for Male and 102 per 100,000 for Female. In addition, One in 3 child poisonings in Australia are caused by medicines ( for a healthy Australia, 2001). Because of my long experience and interesting in children field as a child health nurse, I was asked to write a report to my colleagues about the unintentional medical child poisoning and the reasons make them at risk then the report would talk about the efforts provided by community to help in settling this subject Parents and their Role in Poisoning prevention: There are many causes that make children at risk of medical poisoning which lead to critical condition and death. Some of these reason are due to the lack of knowledge of children. According to Lam (2003), Children are new in the world and they like to explore their circumstances. They can get poisoned by the medicine that surround them. Moreover, there are some factors that contribute to children's accessibility to medicine such as improper medicine storage. Furthermore, unsuitable storage or storing of medicine near children's reach causes medical poisoning among children also another issue of medical poisoning (o'connor 2001). Another reason that make children at risk of medical poisoning is that they are still in progress of brain development
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