Medicated Child Essay

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Running head: The Medicated Child The Medicated Child Abstract In this report, I am going to place my views on a PBS television documentary called Frontlines, The Medicated Child. The documentary show the large increase in children who have the diagnosis of ADHD that are believed by many doctors to be misdiagnosed and indeed thought to have bipolar disorder. I will express my viewpoint on prescribing anti-psychotic medications and my disbelief on the parents of these children. The Medicated Child The video on the Medicated Child made me mad and quite sad that there are parents in this world that are so willing to give their children anti-psychotic medications with little or no knowledge on what they are putting in their bodies. It was stated several times that these anti-psychotic medications are used to treat adults with bipolar disorder and their side effects have never been studied in children, so these parent are using their children as what I would call a “lab rat” some sort of science experiment, unbelievable! The treatment of a “temper tantrum” is a good parent. The one thing that really upset me was after the report of the four year old girls death there was another parent whom watched the news story about her, she seemed genuinely concerned being her son takes five or six different anti-psychotic medication she made an appointment to address her concerns, them leaves with another medication. Wow! I have strong opinions on medicating children. I am a mother of three boys; Isaiah 16, Tate 11, and Thomas 8 all have received the clinical diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. As their mother, I felt it was their right for me to educate myself of common treatments weather it being medication or finding an alternative way for them to deal with day- to- day life. After discussions with various doctors and my un-liking
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