1.1 Explain The Importance Of Parenting Licence

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Despite the fact that a licence is required for driving, it appears illogical that parenting is not viewed with the same importance. A parenting licence will ensure child safety and reduce the increased number of child abuse cases in New Zealand. As parenting is a skill that does not come naturally to some, teenage parents need to better their knowledge on how to take care of their child. Furthermore, parents often negatively influence their children, who often lead from their example. It is evident that parenting should definitely come with a licence. A parent’s choices and behaviour towards others have a large impact on how their children think and act. Parents who abuse drugs, bully and commit domestic violence within the home are inadvertently teaching their children to do the same. They are often not aware that children are ‘learning machines’ and what parents say and how they act are being closely watched and copied. This was revealed by the Survey of Massachusetts Dept. Youth services, who demonstrated that children who are raised in violent homes have a %74 higher likelihood of committing criminal assaults. Adolescence is one of the most influential times in our lives; hence it is crucial to…show more content…
For Teenagers who fall pregnant, it is difficult to juggle the insecurities of teenage hood with learning basic parenting skills. As a result, teenage parents often consider abortion. Statistics show that New Zealand has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the world, with around fifty girls in every thousand falling pregnant. Of these pregnancies, about half result in abortion. An advantage of putting a parenting licence in place will be to educate these teenagers on basic parenting skills to qualify them to raise a child, avoiding such abortions. Teaching basic parenting will also lower child abuse
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