Robert Coles I Listen To My Parents And I Wonder What They Believe

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The Beliefs and Values of A Child Life is full of mysteries. From childhood we become curious of things that surround us. We experience pleasure and pain through our senses. Robert Coles, “I Listen to My Parents and I Wonder What They Believe” explains how kids in fact wonder about morals and life, and how they have questions about everything. From the moment we are born the family influence begins to impact our thought process. As children we are like sponges that absorb ideas and morals. Beliefs are taught to a child in sophisticated way such as listening to parents and their opinions regarding religion, moral issues, social problems, and even how others be have. These beliefs shape our decisions, thoughts, and especially our actions…show more content…
According to Coles, parents have difficulty explaining ethics to their children because they don't want to shatter their kids innocence. They tend to keep them in a bubble so their kids don't grow up with bad experiences, yet they tell them what to believe in. “In many homes parents establish moral assumption, mandates, priorities. They teach children what to believe in, what not to believe in. They teach children what is permissible or not permissible” (61). Many parents want their children to believe their right and wrong. During the story Coles uses different points of view. He talks about a nine-year-old girl, and a general view from her parent's eye. She is told that people who work hard live good lives, and the lazy ones just want a piece of the good life. This girls is basically being told that the wealthy are better than the poor. Later on he talks about a nine-year-old boy living during the desegregation in the south were African American were being discriminated. This child is filled with good and bad advice, his dad telling him he can't be associated with the colored, but in the other hand his mom is completely different. Telling him that its okay to be in the same place with kids that don’t have the skin color as he does. He discovers through his own observation and experiences that “colored” aren’t really all that different from himself or his .peers. In Coles interview, he sketches a picture of how…show more content…
I'm a Catholic and I go to church almost every Sunday because that’s what my parents taught me, and that's what I believe. Being religious is very important to me because it's apart of my culture and I truly believe in God. I always try to keep my beliefs to myself because I don't need to influence anyone. Now that I'm an adult I appreciate all the advice my parents gave me good or bad. All the mistakes I did my parents always warn me, but I never listen until it was to

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