Compare The Allegory Of The Cave And Francis Bacons The Four Idols

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Runyon 1 Joseph Runyon Jr. Prof. Chris Birch Humanities Jan 12, 2009 What is Reality? Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and Francis Bacons The Four Idols give great incite on the flaws of human nature and their perception of reality. In The Allegory of the cave Socrates tells of people who are enslaved in a cave and the only reality they know is the shadows on the wall. When one of the prisoners is finally released from this cave he finds himself face to face with a whole new world. The prisoner slowly sees that what he thought was the real thing was nothing but an illusion of reality. The same idea exists in Bacons The Four Idols; he thought that the idea that reality is based on things, belief, misuse of words, and theories was absurd. He thought the use of a more scientific method should be used to prove things. There are still situations today that are similar to the ones that…show more content…
The same can be said for one who was born into money and has always had everything they wanted. The thought of not having an unlimited budget is ridiculous. If for some reason they were to lose everything they would be enlightened to a whole new world of poverty. The life they never thought of would now be very real to them. When we are young our parents are our guides through life. They try to instill in us at a young age the difference between right and wrong. But who are they to determine what is right or wrong. If our parents were brought up to be discriminatory to others who are of a different race, culture, or social backgrounds are they really teaching us to be good humans. When we grow into our early teen years we start to make our own decisions on what we think about things happening around us. You could say that we are crawling out of our “cave” so to speak. We start to learn about other cultures in school and we understand what we see on the news. That is when we can make are own way about situations we deem right or
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