Argumentative Essay: Birth Control And Teenage Girls

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Birth Control and Teenage Girls Teenage girls should be allowed to be able to receive birth control without the permission of their parents. Most people think that if a teen girl gets birth control, then she is giving her consent to having sex. This is not always the case. Numerous girls are raped on a daily basis, causing more and more children to be brought into this Earth. A child at such an early age can bring stress onto not only the girl, but to her family. If the girl was on birth control at the time, a child may not have to be born, lessening the stress to the already chaotic situation. The choice should, ultimately, be up to the girl. After all, it is her body. Birth control could also possibly reduce the pregnancy rate among young teens. In today’s society, the rate of teen-child births is steadily increasing. Also, allowing a girl to get her own birth control shows a sign of responsibility and maturity. She is taking the situation into her own hands. The choice on whether or not a girl should be able to get birth control or not should be up to her. Having or not having a contraceptive will not stop a teen that may want to have sex. Teenage girls are entitled to their bodies. Preventing a girl from receiving birth control could potentially worsen the situation. A…show more content…
Approximately 62 million women are with their child-bearing years in the United States. Ten percent of who are under nineteen. Meanwhile only six percent of women, whom are on any form of birth control, get pregnant while on a contraceptive. With the numerous amounts of teens openly having sex, birth control should be much needed. The rate of teen pregnancy is high, as you can see in mainstream America. Girls with babies are now even getting their own shows. Birth control significantly cuts down on the teen pregnancy rate. If a sexually active teenage girl can have open access to birth control, the odds of her getting pregnant

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